Towards PGx consultation services

  • The goal is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ Web-based platform to ease the processing, assimilation and sharing of PGx knowledge, and facilitate the aggregation of different PGx stakeholders’ perspectives. The platform is to be designed around interoperable and flexible bioinformatics and advanced information processing components to serve personalized PGx consultation for three types of users: individuals/patients, medical professionals and biomedical researchers
  • The ePGA platform leverages several external data sources to extract and integrate PGx information (e.g., PharmGKB) and utilizes a Data Warehouse (DW) solution to uniformly store and manage all relevant information and data items. In addition an Electronic HealthCare (EHR) component will serve the management of individuals’ genotype (SNP) profiles.
  • The personalised translation component of ePGA aims to serve: (i) the automated matching of individuals’’ genotype profiles with established and/or newly discovered gene-variants/alleles, (ii) the inference of respective phenotypes (e.g., metabolizer profiles), and (iii) the delivery of relevant and updated clinical annotations and (drug) dosing recommendations.

Translating omics − The Pharmacogenomics Dimension

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Shortly after a person is born, her genotype is recorded at her physician’s office, and the information is transmitted to a secure database.


eMoDiA targets its R&D efforts towards the design, development and deployment of an electronic Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Assistant Web-based platform. More...


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