WP1 —
Management. To manage the smooth operation of the project in terms of day-to-day coordination & financial management, and set-up the right communication and reporting channels
WP2 —
Specifications. (i) Assess and document the related state-of-the-art; (ii) Functional and operational specifications of the integrated clinico-genomic IT environment
WP3 —
eMoDiA Genotyping Studies. Execution of the eMoDiA Bipolar Disorder (BD) SNP-genotyping and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) next-generation sequencing studies
WP4 —
eMoDiA integrated clinico-genomics IT environment. To support all operational needs of the envisaged eMoDiA integrated clinico-genomic IT environment, and in particular the electronic PGx Assistant (ePGA)
WP5 —
Dissemination and Exploitation. To maximize the dissemination of information and knowledge generated by the project to relevant communities and stakeholders. WP5 aims to propose viable business models and sustainability schemes.

Translating omics − The Pharmacogenomics Dimension

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Shortly after a person is born, her genotype is recorded at her physician’s office, and the information is transmitted to a secure database.


eMoDiA targets its R&D efforts towards the design, development and deployment of an electronic Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Assistant Web-based platform. More...


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